Meet NEW MANTRA Athlete Kris Rugloski

Welcome to the MANTRA Family, Kris Rugloski! Kris is the epitome of the hybrid athlete and she even takes that to next level. From quick sub 20 minute competitions to 24 hour ultra competitions you will consistently find her on podiums. She’s functionally strong, fast, and has unbreakable endurance to the point her limits have not yet been found.
Now Kris, we've got some questions for you...

Where were you born?
Scottsdale, AZ

Where'd you grow up?
San Antonio, TX area- lived there from 8-18yrs

What got you into Spartan, OCR, endurance racing, etc?
I’d seen friends doing them, and decided to try it to see what it was all about! Took a few races for me to find the competitive side of it, and after that I was hooked. It was a pretty quick progression from just a casual “let me try this” to “I’m not half bad at this and really enjoy it” to “if people are doing that I want in too” and that’s how I’ve ended up pursuing the broad range of a little bit of everything that I do!

What do you do daily for training?
My basic 2 are an hour ish run, and a 30 min workout of very functional KB/sandbag movements typically. I use Hyperwear sandbags and their weighted vests to increase functional agility and strength. Their equipment is easy to use, comfortable and brings my workout to the next level. That will change depending on what I’m preparing and/or recovering from, but that’s my baseline. 

What's your favorite gear? (clothing, nutrition, gadgets, etc)
I’d have to say probably shoes. I have large feet for a woman, so that’s what I’ve had to put the most effort into finding something that works for me. It’s often the number one thing I’ll notice about other athletes as well!

How did you discover MANTRA and what made you decide to join the family?
I found Mantra through Hyperwear, and was immediately impressed by their clean and effective product! I don’t need much extra, but having something that tastes good, is good for you, and works so well is a huge step up for my training and performing. 

How do you incorporate MANTRA into your routine?
Hydration is so huge for being able to put in long runs and training sessions, so HYDRATE is something I’ll add to a bottle of water regularly. Sleep leading up to race weekends can be hard to come by- and even if it isn’t, I want to get the best that I can, so I’ll often drink REST as a little bit of a sleep assist. And then for those days I need a little extra pick me up, GO always hits the spot!  

What do you like to do for fun?
For fun you’ll normally find me in the mountains- preferably the highest or most dangerous place I can find. Always love chasing peaks and just long days in the outdoors in general. 

What's an unusual habit or absurd thing you love? (Thank you Tim Ferris for this great question!)
I subconsciously count my steps as I run- I’ll count up to 100 as many times as it takes to keep my mind going while running. I also hate to see leftovers go to waste and will eat food possibly past it’s safe point, probably a bit more often than would be conventionally recommended.

Thanks for sharing, Kris - you are truly an all around badass! In honor of Kris joining our family, take 25% off your next purchase with code KRIS25.
Kris is also sponsored by Hyperwear and Altra Running.