How Ashley Gaita uses MANTRA RISE

Not your average nutrition company, MANTRA Labs specializes in vegan supplements focused on mind and body. One of the huge reasons why I support this brand is that their core mission is mental health awareness. Not only are they trying to help improve mental health but their brand works daily to reduce the stigma around mental health conversations which I believe is super important. I believe, like MANTRA, that mental health is health, so it’s nice to support a brand whose products I love but also whose mission I firmly support! And if we weren’t already in love enough, a portion of every sale is donated to mental health organizations. 

One of my favorite products of theirs at the moment is RISE! Everyone needs a little morning boost, right? That’s where RISE comes in for some extra help on the daily. It can be taken daily with water or even in smoothie form with your favorite fruits! 

It’s just so easy to supercharge my day with RISE. Its all-in-one formula gives me my vitamins, an antioxidant endurance blend, hydrating electrolytes and minerals, and nootropics for focus - BAM.

I love it because it helps me focus, stay hydrated, and keeps up my endurance so I can stay alert, productive, and active throughout the day. And did I mention that it tastes like an old school dreamsicle? It doesn’t have that typical supplement taste that we’ve all come to dread, it’s actually pretty tasty and I look forward to drinking it in the morning as I start my jam-packed days. 

They come in 30 serving tubs or my personal fav, perfect little pouches that are super convenient for on the go use. I find the pouches to be super helpful for my lifestyle since I’m always moving and I even stash them in my purse! You never know when you’re going to need a little pick me up in the morning.

Aside from the energy boost, which we love (hello productivity!) It is also vegan, paleo, keto, gluten free, soy free, and sugar free! All natural, tasty, and convenient, speaking all of my supplement love languages.