Better Starts Now: August Monthly Mantra

"You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take." -  Wayne Gretzky

 That about sums up the August Monthly Mantra - START NOW. Whatever it is you are looking to do in this life - today, this month, this year - the only way to get there is to start, and the sooner you start the more likely you are to get there. Even if you don’t get to the “there” you thought was “it” - hey goals can change and we all don’t and probably shouldn’t want the same things at 40 that we did at 20 - you will have moved. Moved yourself physically, grown mentally, impacted someone’s life positively and created your own badass ripple on the pond of life. 

You don’t get the privilege of this life without tragedy and hard times - with amazing beautiful good times. It’s about starting the habits and actions to live all in - because every day we get to choose - BETTER STARTS NOW. With your next words, decision, thoughts and actions. 

There is no same - no homeostasis, no coasting. There is no not making a decision, no decision is a decision. We are either getting better or getting worse. That’s a hard thing on some days, and some days it just goes bad, we get that. So, today let’s START NOW getting better at one thing, something - maybe that is not saying the criticism, not tailgating, buying the coffee for the person behind you line, calling someone to ask for help. Betting better is not about going 100% all the time, and being an island. It’s about growing, moving into who you are and building the skills to become more of what you want to be. Easy words, hard actions. So let’s get going because BETTER STARTS NOW.

Ps: This reads like it should be a New Year’s Resolution post - we know how those go! That’s the whole point of this mantra - it’s freaking August (a hot long summer here in ATX), the kids have been home for months now:), schedules are blown up and resolutions long forgotten. That is okay! You get to choose today. You read this post. Print it out, pin it up. You got this, it does not have to be New Year’s Day to get better (though a great U2 song any day!).