Our internal biological clock has very distinct, specific nutritional needs throughout a 24-hour cycle.  Our daily clock runs on circadian rhythms that are dictated by many factors such as light and darkness, body temperature and our sleep-wake cycles. This internal clock can affect our alertness, fatigue, and levels of energy  throughout the day.  MANTRA Labs has a solution to nurture those natural bio-rhythms and maximize our human potential during every phase of the day and night.

Great question! We had the same one when we started. Could we get all the best, premium and science-backed ingredients for each day part in a single product and at a reasonable cost? 

Why were we having to buy 3, 4, 5 different and expensive bottles of pills or powders and choke them all down in the morning? Then again at night. And don’t get us started on what existed mid-day (basically nothing or super caffeinated, artificial energy or “pre-workout” jitter drinks). We worked and worked and found out we could!  

We worked with world class nutrition experts that shared our vision for better nutrition for your mind + body. We partnered directly with the world’s most premium and science backed raw ingredient suppliers. We worked with class leading cGMP facilities in the USA to manufacture. All of these amazing partners came to the table to help us create MANTRA Labs and believed in our social mission for mental health and our science-driven approach to supporting your mind + body. 

We are also a small family business - we don’t have huge offices or F1 teams so we keep costs down and can deliver more value to you.

Yep! Everything we make, and do is focused on the environment, and total health (which includes the planet, animals and you - and you are technically an animal too). So for us that means everything we make is Vegan.


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We make it easy for you to build positive and healthy habits and keep your chrono-nutrition needs met. Our easy subscription service delivers the nutritional supplements you want right to your door every 30 days. You will save 25% off the standard price of all supplement orders, receive special gifts from time to time, and all your gear is guaranteed for life as long as you are on an active subscription! You can pause or cancel anytime and every shipment has our 100% satisfaction guarantee. With a subscription you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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It’s personal. We did not realize it growing up, but we both grew up in the midst of mental health crises in our families - and no one talked about it. We experienced firsthand the lack of communication, funding and support for both patients and families. Unfortunately, we know our story is not unique.

We want to spare our children the same, and to empower children, men and women to speak about mental health, just like we do about our workout for the day.

You can’t fix what you don’t talk about - and people are dying because people aren’t talking! But, the tides are turning.

We look at mental health on a spectrum just like physical health. You are never 100% or 0% and there is always change and hope. Just like someone has cancer or diabetes, someone can have anxiety or depression - that is just another human condition.

Our social mission is to elevate the conversation on mental health and increase funding and awareness for mental health organizations. As part of that we donate 1% of all sales to organizations doing game-changing and life-saving work in the mental health community.

Please visit our OUR MISSION page to read up on the organizations we support.


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We are always open to creative ways to spread the message of mind + body health and relish the chance to work with amazing people doing awesome things. Feel free to reach out to us with your ideas - nothing is too wild. Just CONTACT US.