Kindness Is Strength: November Monthly Mantra


At Mantra Labs, we care about how you feel. This goes beyond the surface-level physical feelings you experience – we care about your emotional well-being, too. One way to experience wellness is by showing kindness to those around you. That’s why November’s monthly mantra is “Kindness is Strength.”

From random acts of kindness to devoting time to a service project, there are plenty of chances for you to exercise kindness. We will walk you through a few options in this article. Kindness has great benefits for both you and the world around you. It’s true – read on to see what they are!

Ways to Show Kindness

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Kindness is epitomized by focusing on others. Real kindness is not concerned with how it will benefit us but rather what it can do for others. Compassion and understanding are the building blocks of kindness. Let’s take a look at some ways to show this behavior.

See a Need, Meet the Need

Service opportunities are all around us. When you see a chance to serve, do it. No one will ever regret this! This can include helping a colleague who seems to be struggling with a project, holding a door open for the person behind you, or handing a granola bar to a homeless person on the street. Random acts of kindness can bring light into the lives of others. Consider paying for the order of the person behind you in line. You are sure to make a difference in their life, no matter how small the act is.

Be There for Others

The relationships we create with family and friends are some of the best things about life. Modern technology makes it easy to stay connected, so send a periodic text message or make an occasional phone call to check in on your loved ones. These acts allow you to be there for them even when you’re physically unable to. Celebrate wins with them and console them through challenges.

Smile and Compliment Others

How easy is it to get hyper-focused on our own lives? We get it. Try looking outward this month and notice the people around you. Smile at coworkers you pass in the hallway and people you pass on the street. Genuine smiles are contagious. Compliment your friends on their outfits and traits you like about them – but only if you mean it! No one likes disingenuous compliments

Benefits of Being Kind

Kindness is a wonderful thing; It improves groups, communities, and the world. Plus, we all know being kind DOES make one happier – the science proves it.

Improves Health

While being kind is not about you, it does have its internal benefits. Studies have shown that performing acts of kindness can increase energy, happiness, and serotonin. This may help you look at your own life more positively. Kindness also reduces blood pressure, stress, and anxiety. If you struggle with any of these, consider volunteering for a service project. Create regular habits of kindness to live a healthy life.

Creates a Sense of Belonging

Helping others can strengthen social connections. Think of a time when you helped a friend through a challenge they were facing. You felt closer to them afterward, right? This usually happens when we serve others. Face-to-face acts of service can reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation. As we serve others and serve with others, we create a sense of community.

Produces the Ripple Effect

Kindness is contagious. It makes the world a better place, as one kind act leads to another and another. Some people feel uncomfortable when they receive an act of kindness – as if they don’t deserve it. This feeling often leads them to pass it on through kind actions for other people, and this ripple effect makes the world a better place. When someone does something nice for you, pass it on!

Kindness Is Strength

An elderly woman holds the hand of an elderly man to comfort him through a challenge

At Mantra Labs, we believe that being kind is crucial to a healthy lifestyle. We know that the kindest (and sometimes quietest and most unassuming of us) are the strongest. It takes more strength to be kind than mean, to help than hurt, to care than ignore. That is REAL STRENGTH. Strengthen yourself and strengthen the world by showing kindness to those around you.

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