3 Benefits of Caffeine

As one of the world’s most popular psychoactive drugs and dietary ingredients, there is still a lot we are learning about this little substance that keeps the Zs away. The average person consumes 210 to 238 mg of caffeine per day (a little more than 2 cups of coffee), and while it is a white, bitter powder by itself, it’s found in several different beans, leaves, and fruits thanks to a young physician who first isolated caffeine from coffee in 1819.

Yes, caffeine can be addictive, but unfortunately that’s where many people get hung up when it comes to caffeine. Not all caffeine is equal though! While it will always come down to individual circumstances and personal health needs, caffeine offers several health benefits that we simply cannot ignore, making it a featured ingredient in our ever-popular GO product.

Let’s dive in.

1) Caffeine Improves Mood and Brain Function

Once consumed and absorbed into the bloodstream, the natural stimulant leaves its main effect on the brain. Caffeine can block the brain-signaling molecule, adenosine, causing a relative increase in other chemical signals such as dopamine and norepinephrine, two chemicals that improve one’s mood and support healthy brain aging.

2) Caffeine is Thermogenic

We all know that caffeine gives us a boost of energy. It can also boost your metabolism through thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is like turning up the heat on your metabolism, helping support a healthy weight. In short, caffeine helps prioritize using fat for energy versus carbohydrates. So it’s unsurprising that your physical performance gets a boost as well.

3) Caffeine Increases Exercise Performance

With the added energy, and your body’s increased ability to use fat as energy, caffeine allows you to retain glucose within the muscle fibers, which may delay the time your muscles reach exhaustion. On top of that, caffeine is being shown to help muscles contract more efficiently. Twenty minutes is shown to be the most ideal time before a workout to consume caffeine, and when done, high-intensity athletic performance may feel easier and less taxing on your body. Greater energy levels and less exhaustion = a win-win.

We Understand Caffeine’s Powers at MANTRA Labs

The bottom line is this: Caffeine can be good or bad for you and it’s easy to overdo anything, and how you use and implement caffeine into your diet will determine its effects on your body and mind.

At MANTRA Labs, we strive for not only better ingredients but the best working synergistic formulas. With clinically backed ingredients, our products are geared toward your total mind + body wellness. We kept everything mentioned above in mind, which led us to create MANTRA Labs GO. With a multifunctional approach, MANTRA Labs GO can act as your pre-workout, midday booster, or recovering agent. Derived from the best sources of caffeine, we can assure you that the stereotypical caffeine crash is nonexistent because of the added balance of vitamins and minerals, enhancing your body’s hydration.

It’s simple really. Better Ingredients. Work Better.