advisory board

We are proud to have leading experts and doctors on sleep, human performance and better-for-you products as part of our team. This group dedicates their life's work to helping humans flourish and they are a key part of the MANTRA mission. 

Their expertise in medicine, sleep, clean products and performance is industry leading. We count elite coaches, athletes, healthy living pioneers and doctors as customers, friends and part of our MANTRA family. 

This group helps us innovate - so we all can live happier and healthier lives. 

Dr. Jonathan Parker

Sleep Performance Institute

Dr. Michael Howell

Sleep Performance Institute

Kenn Israel

Research & Development

Gen Padalecki

Actor & Activist

Trevor Ross

Oatmega, Live Soda

Kevin Brodwick


Jorge Valdes


Paul Carrozza

Coach, Running Industry Leader

Spencer Brown

Brooks Pro Runner