When is the best time to workout?

This is an interesting question, as for some, the ability to get to the gym first thing in the morning can boost their mood and energy for the rest of the day. There are others who welcome the workday break for a lunchtime or early afternoon run or walk. (Anytime prior to very-late afternoon is the prefect time to hydrate and energize up with our GO super-powder - which also works as a post workout recovery enhancer as well.)

Late afternoon is another popular time for exercise to lift energy and mood during the time you’d otherwise be running for the snack machines or the kitchen for a break.

Interestingly, the end of workday time period is somewhat universally unpopular for many exercisers, as when you leave the workday, a cardio or weight workout you’d normally enjoy may feel as welcome as climbing uphill in sludge.

Later evening may be an ideal time for some exercisers for an all-out cardio bout, while others may prefer the relaxation of a stretch or yoga workout to help your body and mind decompress during the final hours before sleep. 

Important to all of these alternatives is the concept of body rhythms. Every human is keyed to a 24-hour circadian rhythm that determines when we’re best equipped for various activities. The exact nature of your body rhythms may vary based on your age, hormone levels and personal makeup. But it’s our body rhythms that determine, for example, that our focus and strength are likely to be at their peak in the late morning, which could make this time period the ideal time slot for a tough HiiT workout or a heavy weightlifting bout.

Our body rhythms can influence the ideal timing for nutrients and nutritional support as well. Early morning can be an ideal time for comforting proteins such as scrambled tofu, complex carbohydrates to fuel our activities, and Vitamin C and D, for example, to shore us up for the external stressors we’ll be called upon to endure during the day. (RISE is truly the perfect start to a health day with 100% of key vitamins, oceanic hydration and an energy boost - all with 0 caffeine!)

An end of the day cardio bout may be beneficial for burning off our mental frustrations but is also ideal timing for the repair nutrients that can help our muscles and soft tissues to bounce back from the strains of hard exercise quickly and well.

In all, there is no single answer for the best time to exercise. But body rhythms and individual preferences can help to determine the time (or times) to exercise that are ideal for you.


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