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Adjust water quantity to your taste – anywhere from 8oz-20oz. We actually like our RISE with 12oz, GO with 16oz and REST at 12oz if cold, or try it with 8oz-12oz of hot water for an amazing tea before bed. (Be sure to scroll down for some of our favorite smoothie recipes: RISE Perfect Breakfast Smoothie & GO Recovery Smoothie.)

Here is how we like to use the system.


RISE is best taken early morning or sipped during your workout. This delivers a hydration boost, 100% of key vitamins, antioxidants, caffeine-free energy, and nootropics to set your day up for success. (RISE has NO caffeine.)


GO can be taken pre, during or post workout. It delivers constant energy, hydration and rapid recovery that boosts your performance during your workout and keeps you from that post workout crash. (GO has 100mg of natural tea derived caffeine.)


REST should be taken 15-30 minutes prior to bed to calm nerves, relax and get amazing sleep. Some folks take just half a REST at night and find this works well – try different amounts and find what works for you.


Start every day great with the RISE Perfect Breakfast Smoothie.

RISE Perfect Breakfast Smoothie

Beat the post-workout crash with the GO Recovery Smoothie.

GO Recovery Smoothie