jared padalecki and paul janowitz

Before we talk about what MANTRA Labs does or sells, let's talk about what we believe, how we operate, and why it matters.


  • If you have the honor of being in business, you have a duty to leave the world better for it. 
  • Business can (and must) be a force for good.
  • We vote for the world we want with each dollar we spend.
  • Mental health is health.
  • Equality matters and silence is not an option.
  • Kindness is strength.
  • We have a lot to learn; and we are excited by that.


  • With radical integrity and responsibility - we hold ourselves accountable to do right, every time, in all things.
  • With full label transparency - know what you are putting in your body.
  • In partnership with our customers, suppliers, communities and environment.


  • MANTRA Labs was founded by Jared Padalecki and Paul Janowitz to deliver trusted and clean, plant-based nutrition to support your body + mind for total health, all day, every day. This innovative and biorhythm matched system supports movement and focus when you’re on, and deep recovery and repair off the clock to total health.
  • Because our dreams are bigger than our memories - we are always moving forward in awe with a beginner mindset. We get better together.
  • Join us in destigmatizing mental health - because you can't fix what you don't talk about. 1% of sales goes to support life saving mental health work. Read about our Social Mission.
  • MANTRA Labs is belt for better. Unapologetically inclusive, fighting for equality and civil rights, pro mental health and dedicated to fitness for everyone - because everyone is MADE FOR GREAT.

Thank you for joining us!

Paul Janowitz & Jared Padalecki