5 Ways to Have More Energy in the Morning

Many of us dread mornings. Waking up early is hard, sleep is nice, and we would rather just roll over and resume our pleasant dreams. Nevertheless, mornings are unavoidable. A consistent nighttime routine and morning routine can help you wake up on the right side of the bed. 

Before you grab that morning cup of coffee, we have the tips to help you wake up – and stay awake – in the morning.

1. Time Your Coffee

Believe it or not, coffee is not the best thing to consume first thing in the morning. Coffee is a huge part of mornings – and we love our coffee too! While it may give you a jolt of energy, it can leave you feeling more tired later in the day. This is because of the timing of cortisol, adenosine, and sugar (if you add it).

Cortisol is the body’s natural alarm system. It helps you wake up in the morning and helps your brain control mood, motivation, and fear. Taking caffeine first thing can cause a huge boost in cortisol but leave you with a drop a few hours later. Try to drink some room-temp water and lemon, do a light stretch or exercise, and then ease into your coffee routine.

2. Prepare the Night Before

An energized morning starts the night before. Consuming the right food and drinks before bed will determine how well you sleep. While staying away from greasy and spicy foods is a good idea late at night, incorporating a calming drink may be the best addition to your nighttime routine. REST will help you fall asleep quicker, stay asleep better, and wake up feeling rested and energized. What you do the night before will set you up for success the next morning.

3. Get Enough Sleep

This is the age-old recommendation. We have been hearing for years that only a full night of sleep can truly prepare you for the day. Based on recommendations, adults should receive seven and nine hours of sleep a night. Some people are fine with as few as six hours, and some need up to ten. While it varies by person and situation, eight hours of sleep each night is a safe goal.

Woman wakes up peacefully with enough energy as she stretches in her pajamas

4. Be Consistent

You can achieve a natural sleep pattern by establishing a regular sleep schedule. Going to bed and waking up at the same time each day will get your circadian rhythm into a consistent pattern. This will ease you into waking up naturally, leaving you with more energy in the morning. As you establish a schedule, stick to it. Staying up late and getting up early can damage your energy levels.

5. Early Morning Motion

Exercise is a great way to get your blood flowing in the morning. A quick trip to the gym can wake your whole body up. If you don’t have the time or motivation for a full workout in the morning, do something small. Simply stretching or practicing yoga will benefit you and your energy levels throughout the day.

A Good Morning Starts with Action

A good morning starts the night before. Prepare for bed by drinking something to calm you down and head to bed at a consistent time. Set your body and mind up for success by getting enough sleep and doing some light exercise in the morning. Cut back on the coffee (at least very first thing), and find new ways to wake yourself up. A more energized morning is easier to come by than you may think; all it takes is a little preparation, consistency, and action. Get after it today!