5 Benefits of SUPER GREENS

Let’s face it — it’s a challenge to get the recommended amount of fruits, vegetables, fiber, and other dietary essentials in a single day. We often find ourselves playing catch-up with our diet, but thankfully, we have a solution:


Our SUPER GREENS formula is a carefully crafted organic superfood blend designed to support a healthy digestive system, immune system, mood, and overall health. You may be wondering what the science-backed benefits of SUPER GREENS are and what exactly makes the supplement so super.

We’re glad you asked, and we’ll expand on five of the best benefits of SUPER GREENS.

1. Support Your Stomach

Get this — only 5% of Americans get the recommended daily allowance of fiber in their diet. 

Fiber and prebiotic fiber  (fiber that is not digestible by your body, but feeds healthy bacteria in your gut)  are essential to your digestive health. As modern research tells us, a good digestion and healthy microbiome (i.e., a fancy way of saying digestive bacteria) is critical for your health and fighting or preventing disease. In fact, your gut is known as your second brain and responsible for producing the majority of key neurotransmitters for mental health such as serotonin, dopamine and GABA. 

Our organic, prebiotic fiber blend contains oats, acacia, and Jerusalem artichoke. Overall, the premium blend contributes up to 29% of your recommended daily allowance to support a healthy digestive system, immune system, and overall well-being!

If you’re finding it difficult to get enough fiber or prebiotics in your diet, SUPER GREENS can provide you with an easy, delicious solution for better nutrition.

2. Strengthen Your Immune System

 Finding natural ways to support your immune system can be a challenge when it comes to your health. That’s why SUPER GREENS uses a blend of vegan, bioavailable vitamins to provide daily critical immune support. 

One of the stars is PureWay-C™ — a lipid fatty acid formula that absorbs quickly and is clinically studied to be retained 233% better than all other forms of vitamin C. Since vitamin C plays a crucial role in immune strength and function, we wanted to provide an easy way to give you a nutritional edge. Check out our blog, discussing how vitamin C can strengthen immunity! We add 100% of your RDA of vegan VegD3(™), Zinc and Selenium to round out this critical immune support blend. 

With plenty of naturally occurring antioxidants, SUPER GREENS will help sweep up free radicals to reduce oxidative stress and other potentially harmful effects of an active lifestyle with an imbalanced diet.

3. Skip the Sugar

Sugar cubes contrasted with a bright pink background

In June of 2021, we talked about the adverse effects of sugary drinks and artificial sweeteners. Unlike the majority of other fibrous supplements, SUPER GREENS is sugar-free and naturally sweetened — oh, and it still tastes delicious. This organic superfood blend tastes like a combination of mixed berries and apple juice but without the tooth-shattering sweetness.

To support a healthy lifestyle and regular diet, SUPER GREENS provides a whole serving of organic vegetables in each scoop — 14 kale leaves, 1 broccoli floret, and 4 spinach leaves in every delicious serving. So skip the sugar and try an easy, delicious, vegan solution!

4. Start with Super

Starting with healthy decisions leads to a healthy, happy life. At MANTRA Labs, we want to provide our community with supportive solutions to achieve their health goals. So we designed SUPER GREENS to give you just the right amount of superfruits, vegetables, prebiotic fibers, alkalizing grasses, and spirulina to get you ahead early in the day.

The organic fruit blend provides easily digestible antioxidants, selenium, zinc, and a 100% plant-sourced, vegan form of vitamin D. You can use this dietary supplement fact sheet to look into the benefits of a variety of common supplement ingredients. In addition, we included polyphenols — a preventative antioxidant that has been proven to protect against conditions including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and aging.

With a single scoop, you’ll start the day by supporting your bones, mood, immune system, heart health, and so much more.

5. Rock Your Routine

Every ingredient should have a purpose — natural sweeteners, prebiotics, fiber, antioxidants, and more all work together to support you. Combined with the delicious flavors of mixed berry and apple juice, you just might accidentally create a healthy habit of getting your greens in every day.

Your routine will benefit from implementing SUPER GREENS. With the TruServ® formula, you are also guaranteed to receive an entire serving of whole food — organic vegetables in each scoop. Every serving will contain all the vitamins and minerals mentioned before, plus 14 kale leaves, 4 spinach leaves, and 1 broccoli floret in every scoop.

So kick off each morning or afternoon with a serving of SUPER GREENS to satiate cravings and get ahead in your daily nutrition goals.

Crush Your Nutrition Goals with SUPER GREENS

A spilled canister of SUPER GREENS powder on a white surface

Your health matters most, and that’s why MANTRA Labs is here to serve you! Our products are designed to support a healthy routine, diet, and lifestyle. Once you start adding SUPER GREENS into your diet, you’ll be shocked by the energizing, plant-powered results that last all day, every day!